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About Us - Why J.A.M.C. Corporation

J.A.M.C. Corporation has successfully worked with Head Start directors and designers during the design and construction process.  Our typical project profile can be described as follows:
  • Early Involvement
    We are most successful when we are involved early in the design phase, before the start of construction.  It is at this point that we effectively begin our planning and scheduling, defining the process required to perform the project, cost control, and communications with all parties currently or potentially involved in the project.  This is how we save our client’s time and money and ensure the delivery of the desired product.
  • Technical Expertise
    We have the ability to think through difficult projects.  The talents of our project managers, superintendents and management system, allow us to complete difficult projects smoothly and efficiently.
  • Communication
    We believe that good communication is the key to a successful project.  We communicate well with the owner, architect, subcontractors, suppliers and other entities involved in a project.  These communications reinforce the team approach, resulting in satisfied clients with successful projects.

  • Quality
    We pre-qualify all subcontracting trades. Only subcontractors  that can produce competitive, timely and quality work will be asked to be involved in any project and their respective work is monitored throughout the project.  Our detailed quality review begins during the planning of a project and follows through to completion.  Our proven methods assure that quality is never sacrificed for economy because, like our clients, J.A.M.C. Corporation is committed to making each project a complete success.
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